In Hestia’s Own Voice 5

Hi friends, this is Hestia here typing.  Don’t tell mom, but I figured out how to post a blog entry!

Last night my Veronica was having a really hard time with anxiety and depression.  Luckily she was able to talk with some people online who really helped.  She was pretty badly off, crying because us pups were out of water, wanting to just go to bed at 7PM, and generally not feeling well and crying about things.

Luckily she was feeling better this morning because we had to get up and go!  We woke up really early and before the sleep bleariness had left my eyes we were in the van, driving to a local high school.  It was time for another In Our Own Voice presentation for NAMI!

The high schools around here are so nice.  My Veronica says that when she taught back in California the schools were all really run down and dirty with no equipment or anything.  This school had so much neat stuff in the classrooms like good computers, lab benches for lab classes, a projector in every room built in, nice desks, etc.

My Veronica was still having a bit of a hard time from last night, but teaching is her thing that always makes her feel better.  She did need my help a little bit, though, and held me during the whole presentation.  The presentation went well, and the person she presented with was awesome as usual (Go Melanie!).

The students had great questions both about mental health and about service dogs, and it was a really fun presentation.  At least from my point of view it was.  I just got to doze in mom’s arms while she talked.  She didn’t need any help from me during the presentation!

On our way home, my Veronica wanted to stop and get a milkshake or something to reward herself, but I told her that would be a bad precedent to start!  So instead we went to CVS to pick up a prescription.

For training purposes we went in instead of using the drive through.  I was a little wary of the dancing life sized santa as we entered, but I didn’t care a lick about the other one we had to walk by.  Mom even had me do touches all around that santa’s feet and legs and I was totally cool with it.  Mom was really proud.

Of course mom managed to knock into a lady and a display on our way to get the meds.  She is not the most graceful person and does tend to trip over her own two feet a lot.  You know, that is part of the problem with my heeling, she is so clumsy I need to keep lots of space or risk getting squished!  So we helped put everything back in place, and then got her meds.  My Veronica was too embarrassed to take any pictures of me with the santas this time, so there are no pictures to go with the entry.

I am proud of my Veronica, she is struggling but made it out to do the presentation, and do it well.  She didn’t shower first (or for the past couple days) because that was just too much, but other than that we think it went really well.  And I like mom’s smelliness so I don’t mind when she doesn’t shower 🙂

Oops, mom is finishing her lunch, so I’ve got to get off the computer before she sees that I wrote a blog entry!  See ya’ pups and people!

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5 thoughts on “In Hestia’s Own Voice

  • Team Blue

    Whaddup, Empress, congratulations on learning how to post a blog entry!! Tao and Deja said they are very proud of you keeping a close eye on your mom and for being totally brave around those Santas 😀 Please thank your mom for doing those presentations…kids need all the help and awareness they can take in!!

  • whatspeaksinthenightblog

    Hestia you write very well ! My name is Jingles better known as my mommy’s one eyed deaf dog. Mom s ‘name is Meredith. We are both really excited about the convention in April. Mommy is Hoping I do well enough to pass the P. A.T test, I am just happy when ever I can be with mommy. Tell your mommy to be looking for a call or mail from my mommy soon. Your mom and her have a lot in common. By for now. JINGLES.

  • Tami

    Great to read a blog from you Hestia. Sometimes you Pups can see things in us that we can not see ourselves. I know Chili thinks higher of me than I think of myself.