Hestia the helper 2

Tonight we had our annual NAMI holiday party.  It was a lot of fun, and the food was really tasty!  Hestia did a pretty good job of going through the buffet line, but she did have problems ignoring the potato chips that had gotten dropped on the floor!

There is one person in particular at NAMI that Hestia really really loves.  At the end of the party we got to talk for a short while, and she asked if she could pet Hestia.  I said sure, and Hestia practically leapt out of my arms to grab onto my friend’s arm with her front paws.  Hestia was digging in and not letting go.

I asked my friend if she was OK, because this is not usual Hestia behavior, and it turns out she was not.  Hestia sensed it and wanted to help!  Whatever she picks up on when I am ill, she apparently can pick up on when others (or maybe others she knows well) are ill, too.

Hestia and this person have a very special relationship because we shared a bed at a NAMI training, and Hestia enjoyed sleeping on top of her.

When it was time to go, I had to drag Hestia away.  I hope that the little interaction we did get to have helps my friend, and that we can meet up for coffee or something this week.

Hestia was also REALLY happy to see Amelia who was visiting home from Florida.  She looked all around for Gigi, and was very sad when Gigi wasn’t there.  But Hestia was still quite excited to see Amelia!

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