Smooth in the Subway 2

Today we met to finalize our Wellness Recovery Action Plans or WRAP.  We went out to lunch first at Subway, and Hestia was great.  Not only did she heel extremely well with no treats (duh, forgot some!), she was also great in the store.

She likes to stand behind me and keep an eye on the people around me, which I don’t mind.  Not that she’d do anything if any of them got too close, I just personally get a safer feeling that she’s got my back.  Well, I guess if someone were to bend down to pet her, she’d move out of the way as she normally does, so that would alert me to the presence of someone interfering with my dog.

Anyway, we walked in and up to the counter to order.  I was looking at the menu trying to decide what to get and there was a lady sitting there eating her sub.  She started asking me all kinds of questions about Hestia.  At first I didn’t mind, but then she got to the more intrusive questions about what Hestia does for me.  After I stuttered out my four diagnoses (anyone else have trouble remembering everything they are diagnosed with?) I offered her a flyer.  She took it and read it and didn’t bother me again thank goodness.

I decided to try a new sub I’ve never had before, the meatball marinara.  It was SO messy and falling apart!  I dropped nearly a quarter of it on Hestia, and she was so good, she didn’t even try to eat any of it.  She just sighed like “I get this all the time” or something.  She was great walking out, too, until she realized that CJ and Dan weren’t behind us and I was taking her to a potty place!  She refused to do anything but look for CJ and Dan!

Finishing up the WRAP was fun, and we went pretty deeply into it, so it took us longer than we thought it would.  There are extra sections that you can do if you have extra time, and we decided to do those.  I think we got through 2 of the 7 sections.  So we will have to meet to do WRAP one more time– and then Dan wants to go to Dunkin’ Donuts LOL!  Donuts, count me in!

When I got home, I read my WRAP to Brad, who thought it was excellent and he wants me to make a special place for it so he can refer to it next time I am in crisis.  He said it will be very helpful for him.

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