EPCOT: loving Living with the Land and cool Canada

Today is part two of the EPCOT day, in which we go on my second-favorite attraction and then visit the Canada pavilion.

After visiting Journey of Water twice, we left Karin for her lunch reservation and the rest of the group headed towards Living with the Land. This was our next ride. On the way there, it was uncrowded enough for Felix to walk on the ground! Brad got a few shots of us walking as a group. Pictured are me in my Tinkerbell dress with Japanese Chin Felix, Sabrina with Golden Retriever Indy, Faith with German Shepherd x Malinois mix Brida, Russ, Emily with Golden Retriever Lulu, and Misha.

Living with the Land was pretty close, so it was a short walk. This is a ride that talks about sustainable food production. You get on a boat and float through a short dark ride that has scenes of food production, then you travel through a bunch of greenhouses and a small fishery. They use the food grown there in some of the Disney World restaurants!

This was the most enjoyable ride I rode my whole time at Disney. The boat ride was very relaxing, and I loved seeing all the different ways they were growing the plants.

We did have to split our group up, though, because both Brad and Sabrina wanted to ride in their wheelchairs. There aren’t super many wheelchair accessible boats, so Brad and I went in the first boat with Emily and Misha, and the Tolle family went in the second boat.

In the pictures, we start out during the dark part of the ride, with a scene of a farmstead with an animatronic dog that actually barks! There are a few more shots of the dark portion of the ride, then we go into a tunnel into the greenhouses where there are loads of plants! The pictures with the red lighting are in the fishery. Then there are more plants, including a lab lit up with pink lighting. And finally another tunnel to get us back to the start of the ride.

All the dogs handled the ride very well! Afterwards, the Tolles went on to ride Soarin’. We didn’t want to ride that one because Brad would have to get out of his wheelchair for it, and because I don’t like heights, and that ride is like a hang glider over a bunch of scenic places.

So with Emily and Misha, we headed to Canada—one of several countries represented in the World Showcase pavilions at EPCOT. Karin caught up to us quickly along the way with her Brussels Griffon Callie Mae. On the way there, we stopped by a relief area for the pups, but it had a giant speaker in it so Lulu was not interested in pottying where it was so noisy! You can see Felix had no problem and lifts his leg on a bush!

Our main objective in Canada was to get maple popcorn, so we did that first. Unfortunately Brad didn’t get any pictures of any of the food we got! Oops, and my fault for not telling him to capture that. But the maple popcorn was really really tasty!

Then we explored Canada a bit, which was quite small. There was a rocky area we explored a bit, and a small shop. We thought of our friend Jennifer in Canada when we were in the shop! Brad got a few pictures from our Canada adventure.

Continue reading tomorrow as we continue around the World Showcase and visit other countries!

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