EPCOT: Journey of Water on repeat

If you’re only going to look at one Disney World blog entry, this is the one to look at! It was my absolute favorite part of the trip—Journey of Water!

Getting into EPCOT was much easier than getting into Magic Kingdom. There were far fewer crowds, so we were actually able to park in an accessible spot and walk right in with minimal wait. Plus once you’re there, you’re there—no need to take a ferry or monorail into the park. It was so un-crowded that I was even able to walk Felix next to my wheelchair, at least for the first part of the day.

The first thing we headed to was Journey of Water, which is a Moana themed attraction that celebrates and explains how water moves around the ecosystem. Karin with Brussels Griffon Callie Mae, Brad, and I with Japanese Chin Felix headed there first with some time to stop for pictures in front of the EPCOT ball—Spaceship Earth. The pictures below show us entering the park and getting a few pictures in front of Spaceship Earth. I am wearing a Tinkerbell dress and light up brass wire mouse ears with artificial flowers around the base.

We were the first of the group to arrive in EPCOT, so while we were waiting for others to arrive, we went through Journey of Water. The first thing we encountered was an area where there are streams of water coming down from an inset in the rocks and when you placed your hand in the stream of water, it played a musical note. It was very very cool! I got a few pictures of Brad in this area, he is very colorful in rainbow pants and a gold glitter jacket.

Next we went over to an area where if you wave your arms above your head, the water splashes up in the air! It was really funny to see the water do that. Brad also got a photo of me with a Hibiscus plant (the area was covered in wonderful lush plants), and of Karin and Callie.

One of my favorite parts of the exhibit was a place where water was burbling up out of the ground, and when you put your hand up over it, it rose up to meet your hand!

Brad got several shots of us wandering around amid the fake canyons and beautiful water features. There were parts of the trail that as people using wheelchairs and service dogs, we couldn’t go on. They had “wet” and “dry” paths. Service dogs aren’t allowed on the wet paths, and with power wheelchairs for all three of us, we didn’t want to go on the wet paths for their sake! So we only got to see from afar an ocean crashing area, a curtain of water that you walk through (it parts if you go slowly), and a splash pad.

One of the most gorgeous places was a statue made of greenery of the goddess Te Fiti from Moana. We only got one shot of her this time around. It’s a very busy area and they should’ve made more space for hanging out there!

On the way out of the exhibit, there was a slightly misty area. Brad got one shot of me there, but then wanted to set up a special shot so we hung out a while. He wanted to get a colored flash to put behind me so that when he took a picture, the fog behind me would light up blue. The only problem was that while he was getting out his equipment, the fog started pouring in!!! It got so foggy we couldn’t see each other! Eventually it cleared up some and he got some good shots!

By the time we exited Journey of Water, Sabrina with Golden Retriever Indy, Faith with German Shepherd x Malinois mix Brida, and Russ were almost to us! So we hung out and waited for them. When they arrived, Emily with Golden Retriever Lulu and Misha were not too far behind, so we waited for them. Brad got several pictures of us all waiting to meet up. Finally all of us (except Deanna and her husband Chris) were together.

I thought Journey of Water was so amazing that I wanted all of them to see it, so we headed back in again! Brad got fewer pictures of most of the area this time through, but still got several good ones of us having fun!

The thing Brad focused on getting pictures of this time was pictures of us with Te Fiti in the background! It was such a gorgeous spot, I could have sat there for hours! He got some really lovely shots with Spaceship Earth in the background behind Te Fiti.

Journey of Water was so amazing, I was happy to have gone through it twice! And we got so many pictures that it took up one entire blog entry! Stay tuned, as tomorrow in my blog, we will visit my second-favorite attraction, Living with the Land.

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