First sisterly store stroll

Today we took both Hestia and Alice to a store together for the first time! We had to pick up our foodshare box, and quickly stop off at the library to renew our cards. Then we headed to Pet Supermarket.

Alice has never been in Pet Supermarket before, but with Hestia there she was very brave. We took a loop around the store and both dogs did great! They loved the dog food section, especially because some dog food had spilled on the floor LOL!

Veronica’s feet and legs on the left, Alice sitting in the center looking up at Veronica, and Hestia on the end looking longingly at a bag of dog food.

Alice was a little unsure in the fish section at first, so we walked down that aisle a couple of times until she was totally confident.

Walking through the fish section together.

I held the pups up to see the guinea pigs and birds, though they weren’t really all that interested.

Alice and Hestia in Veronica’s arms looking at guinea pigs. Alice looks at the camera while Hestia looks at the guinea pigs.

They got treats from the front counter (which Alice was actually able to eat!) and right after, Brad got some really great close up shots of the girls!

Closeup of Alice’s face
Closeup of Hestia’s face

Then we went to the cat food section where Alice and Hestia were so in sync that they were mirroring each others’ motions.

Alice and Hestia are mirror images of each other, both standing the same way with the opposite front leg raised and looking up at Veronica

And little Alice showed how she can stand up on her hind legs!

Little Alice balancing on her hind legs to get a treat.

While we were in the store, Alice suddenly had to poop. She made it clear by trying to make a bee line for the door, so I was able to figure it out and get her out of there quickly. We went back in and finished our walk around the store afterwards.

As we left, the parking lot wasn’t busy, so I let Alice walk across it and into the van on her own. She did great, aside from Hestia trying to steal her treats LOL!

Alice and Hestia on the van ramp taking treats from both of Veronica’s hands.

Pictures are below. In them, I have my hair in a ponytail and am wearing a galaxy dress and mask. Alice is a tiny sable and white Chin puppy, while Hestia is a small black and white Chin. They are using matching pink plaid harnesses. Brad is in a power wheelchair wearing white pants, a black and white shirt and sweater and tie, and a black cap.

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