Integrative vet visit

Today we tried out a new vet—Carolina Integrative Veterinary Hospital. They were really good, and reminded me of our vet back in California! Hestia had to get her yearly exam, and Alice needed another round of shots since the last vet’s receptionist told us 3 days before 16 weeks would be fine, they gave her the shots, and then afterwards told us it wasn’t fine. Ugh!!!!

Everyone at the vet loved Hestia and Alice! In the waiting room, they were super impressed how I could just tell Hestia to get on the scale and sit and stay.

Veronica holding Alice and Hestia on the floor in the waiting room of the vet.

Next we went into the exam room. They put us in the large dog room so Brad’s wheelchair would have more room, luckily there was a small table that Alice and Hestia fit easily on!

They had a nice padded bench that I sat on with Hestia and Alice. They were very comfy!

Veronica, Alice, and Hestia sit on the bench. Veronica looks at the pups, and they look at the camera.

Alice went first, and was such a good girl while the vet looked her all over. She looked at her butt even! The vet says Alice looks very healthy!

Alice gets a check over by the vet.

Brad got a great boudoir shot of Hestia while I was undressing her from her harness!

A black and white photo of Hestia getting undressed.

Then it was Hestia’s turn to be examined, and she also got a clean bill of health. But she does need to lose about 3/4 of a pound. I knew she had gained weight with eating three times a day and more treats because of Alice.

Hestia gets examined by the vet.

The vet and one of the employees took pictures of the girls, they were very popular today LOL!

Hestia and Alice get their picture taken!

When we were checking out, Hestia was looking longingly out the door, hoping to escape!

Hestia looks longingly out the door.

I held Alice because I was worried it was about her potty time and I didn’t want an accident. Brad got some great shots of her up close!

Closeup of Alice in Veronica’s arms.

When we left, I was pottying the girls and suddenly heard a screech and a crash—someone had a car accident on the main street near the vet’s office. It made me really anxious and upset, but it was time to go home and the dogs needed to be in the back, so I had to deal with it on the ride home. I got through it with only minimal crying.

The receptionist had teal nails with little dog stickers on them!

Pictures are below. In them, I am wearing my pink bird dress and have my hair in a ponytail. I have on a butterfly mask. Alice is a tiny sable and white Chin puppy, and Hestia is a black and white Chin. They are wearing pink plaid harnesses. Brad is wearing red pants, a green blazer, a blue scarf, a red tie, a red Chinese dragon pin, and a straw fedora with a red tulip mask.

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