Daycare adventures

Today Alice went to daycare and she had many adventures! Her first big adventure was playing with the other dogs! It’s a daycare for small dogs, but Alice is so tiny that even small dogs seem large next to her!

She did a GREAT job! Here is a video of her zooming around the yard with the other dogs!

And here are two videos of Alice wanting to be set free from the smaller gated area to play with the other dogs!

They also got some pictures of her playing with the other dogs. In the pictures and videos, Alice is a tiny sable and white Chin puppy. There is a black poodley mix of some sort, and three beige poodley mixes.

Then after a morning getting out her energy, my trainer Jill took Alice for an outing to the Wild Bird Store and to the bank! She said Alice did great! Still a lot of stopping to observe things, but overall pretty good. She said Alice was not bothered by the many flapping flags at the bird store, and seemed interested and happy to be out and about. Here are those pictures! In them Alice explores a small shop crowded with stuffed animals, flags, and bird stuff. Also she says hi to someone at the bank!

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