Banana milk smoothie 1   Recently updated!

I had a pretty difficult afternoon today, and needed something special to bring brightness to my day. So it was time for a banana milk smoothie! This is similar to a banana milkshake, only no ice cream and a little thinner. Here is a picture of the banana milk, which […]

Crock pot deconstructed cabbage rolls 1   Recently updated!

Last night I made these deconstructed cabbage rolls in the crock pot. They were very tasty! If you haven’t had cabbage rolls before, they are ground meat with spices rolled in cabbage leaves topped with tomato sauce. But it takes a lot of work to wrap them in individual cabbage […]

Salsa 3   Recently updated!

Brad eats a ton of salsa, and since I’m feeling better and cooking more, I figured it’d be cheaper if I started making my own salsa again! I use a recipe adapted from Brad’s mom’s recipe. Mine is a little different as I use more tomatoes and I don’t peel […]

Paleo cashew bread 1   Recently updated!

I just made a really really simple and very tasty paleo bread that uses cashews and a touch of coconut flour. I got the recipe from Below are a couple of pictures of the bread, which is a smaller loaf, brown and very shiny. Below that is the recipe. […]

Snickerdoodles (gluten free)!

Yesterday I made snickerdoodles! These are cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla flavored cookies and are soooooooo tasty. As usual, they are gluten free and naturally sweetened. They have a depth of flavor and moistness that I’ve never had in snickerdoodles before! I got the recipe from . I’ll post a […]

Curried butternut squash and mushroom soup

To go with my fancy soft pretzels I made a curried butternut squash and mushroom soup. This soup was a cinch to put together and very tasty! I got the recipe from Below is a picture of the soup, and below that the recipe. The soup is quite yellow-orange […]

Maple glazed carrots with warm spices

Looking for a quick and easy carrot recipe that’ll be sure to knock peoples’ socks off? Look no further! This recipe is very tasty and super fast. It takes about 10 min to prepare and tastes really good. It is also paleo, and naturally sweetened. From 1 lb (4 […]

Upside-down pineapple sweet potatoes

I just made a fantastic side dish! It is an almost salty-sweet dish that includes pineapple, sweet potato, and coconut sugar (or brown sugar if you eat regular sugar). I found the recipe at the following link, and below that I have posted a picture and then the recipe. […]