Chocolate covered cherry smoothie

I have created a new smoothie that I am enjoying having for breakfast—and sometimes also for dessert! I call it the chocolate covered cherry smoothie. It is really really tasty, and also pretty dang healthy! Here are the ingredients:

1/2 frozen banana (peel and wrap bananas before freezing!)

1 heaping cup frozen cherries

1 heaping tablespoon cocoa powder

2 heaping tablespoons almond butter

splash of almond extract

splash of vanilla extract

about 3/4 cup almond milk

Blend until smooth, then enjoy!

Brad helped me arrange a picture of the ingredients in the smoothie below, and then below that is the finished product. The ingredient picture has almond butter, banana, and cocoa powder on a plate with a glass of frozen cherries, the almond and vanilla extracts, a jug of almond milk, a tub of cocoa powder, and a glass of almond milk surrounding it. The picture of the smoothie shows a light red smoothie in a clear glass mason jar with a pink silicone straw sticking out of it. Yum!

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