Our little demon dog

We like to call Alice our demon dog! She has quite the voice when she is playing or when she wants her breakfast! This is very uncharacteristic for a Japanese Chin, apparently, but it’s a characteristic of Alice that we find hilarious. Especially because she is so tiny! She is the smallest of our Chin at a little less than 5 pounds.

Tonight Felix and Alice decided to have a play session on my lap! It was super cute! Felix was lying across my lap, while Alice was on my legs jumping on Felix and “demon dogging”. Demon dogging is what we call it when she sounds like a demon. She barks and snarls and just sounds extremely vicious! But don’t fear—she and Felix are both having fun! That video is below.

Taking this video tonight reminded me of another video I took a few days ago of Alice telling me that she is ready for her breakfast. In the mornings when I am finishing my breakfast and she knows it’s almost time for her breakfast, she will start jumping up on her hind legs, wave her front paws, and bark. It is so funny! Enjoy it below, and I hope you like our demon dog as much as we do!

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