So many good things!

Today has been a day of so many good things!

This morning, I got a box from my friend Karin. She made Felix a prototype vest that has a Y-front harness on it. This is because Felix (and all Japanese Chin) can’t use harnesses or collars that put pressure on their throats. Chin are prone to collapsing trachea, so it’s just not safe.

It’s all purple and very pretty! Felix was happy to try it on!

I had Felix wear it when we went mattress shopping with Brad’s parents. We were able to narrow it down very quickly to two mattresses, based on what we had gotten before, so Brad only had to get out of his chair twice to lie on mattresses and test them out. I’m easy to please, so I did try them out, but I could sleep on any of them LOL!

While I lay on mattresses, I put Felix on the seat of my wheelchair where he’s very happy to just hang out.

Brad’s parents ended up liking the same mattress as us! We were very happy to get a new mattress, as our current one isn’t comfortable enough for Brad.

While we were checking out (which took a lot longer than you would expect), I had Felix practice lying on the floor next to my chair. He did a good job of it, only getting up twice!

On our way back out to the car, Brad’s mom gave us some extra plant-based butter!

Then we stopped by Taco Bell on the way home to pick up my free taco through their rewards program!

As I was eating the taco on the way home, we were stopped by lowering a train signal arm. I LOVE trains! One of my favorite things is to watch them go by. We were first in line at the crossing, so I got a great view. We rolled all the windows down so I could hear the train really well, too.

So many good things happened to me today! Yay!

When we got home, I took Felix out in the yard and snapped a couple of photos of him in his new vest. Hope you like them!

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