A Scarlet Riverwalk

Yesterday we went on a walk at one of our favorite local parks with our friend Scarlet! Riverwalk is a trail along the Catawba River and it’s beautiful and nicely paved.

We again fit all three power wheelchairs in our van! We loaded Brad’s in first up the ramp and into the van, and folded up the footplate. Then we loaded Scarlet’s wheelchair up the ramp, and folded up their footplate. I had my wheelchair taken apart in the trunk. We got a short video of all the wheelchairs in the van!

We had a really fun walk, and only ran into a few dogs along the way. It was pretty chilly out, so we had to turn around and come back after not too long.

Brad got loads of good pictures while we were on our walk! And I got some great ones of him! They are all below. They show us wheeling along the trail next to the river. I am wearing a grey top, unicorn guinea pig leggings, a fuzzy pink hat (that looks a bit silly), and then super silly looking pink shiny moon boots. Hestia is wearing a pink sweater, and Alice is wearing rainbow unicorn PJs. Brad is wearing grey pants and blazer, a lavender shirt, a purple paisley vest and tie, a silver octopus brooch, and a lavender hat. Scarlet is wearing a black hoodie with a Jack-O-Lantern on it.

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