Memory making marshmallow baking with Lulu’s family

This is the last set of pictures from Emily with Lulu and Misha’s visit right before Halloween.

When we got home from Historic Brattonsville, Lulu needed to run around and play, so we headed out to our yard for fun times! I held Alice and Hestia in my lap (they were wearing sweaters and bat wings!) while Emily played with Lulu. Everyone had a good time!

Then Emily showed me how to cook Taiwanese food! It was pork belly, shrimp, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, and more. It was a complicated dish to cook, but I think we did a good job of it! The guys watched the dogs for us while we cooked.

Then we headed outside to eat dinner. It was super tasty! Afterwards, we brought out marshmallows to roast! We have a tabletop fire pit, and figured that Emily and Misha had probably never roasted marshmallows before so it’d be a fun experience.

We had a great time! It was so tasty to eat the marshmallows and really fun to show Emily and Misha how it was done. The dogs enjoyed relaxing while we talked and ate.

Alice relaxed so much that at one point she was up on my chest and fell asleep and fell off of me onto the ground! She just took the opportunity to pee before Misha picked her up and gave her back to me LOL!

It was so fun having Emily with Lulu and Misha visiting us! I can’t wait to see them again at the convention in April!

Enjoy the pictures below! I am wearing pink. Hestia is a white and black Japanese Chin wearing a pink sweater and black bat wings. Alice is a sable and white Japaneses Chin wearing rainbow unicorn PJs and black bat wings. Brad is not pictured. Emily is wearing a red top. Lulu is a cream Golden Retriever. Misha is wearing a grey hoodie. The first few pictures are during the daytime when Lulu is playing. The rest of the pictures are of us around the fire roasting marshmallows.

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