Cuddle dog 2

I finally have a cuddle dog again!  Ollie liked to be next to me, and Hestia prefers to be on Brad’s footrest.  But Alice is like Sabrina was—likes to be on top of me!

It is wonderful!  It helps me out so much.  I was struggling tonight, and by Alice lying on my chest for an hour or so, I was able to keep the awful feeling in my legs, it didn’t reach my heart. That’s a big accomplishment!

Then we were so comfy, that I fell asleep for a further two hours and Alice stayed on my chest the entire time! When I woke up, she got Hestia to come up on my chest and play! After that, more cuddling until I had to forcibly remove her to feed her. It was awesome.

I got this selfie of me with a blue blanket on the couch smiling into the camera. Little Alice is a tiny sable and white Chin puppy lying on my chest and looking into the camera.

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