Fly away, flu today 2

Today we got our flu shots! Since it was the first day of fall, I wore a fall dress though it was really too hot for that.

We went to Publix to get our shots, and left little Alice at home for practice being away from us. Since we had made an appointment ahead of time, it was super quick.

I started out with Hestia on my lap.

Hestia sits on Veronica’s lap while Veronica waits for her shot.

The woman didn’t want Hestia on my lap while giving me my shot, so I put her on the floor. It hurt a lot more than I remembered, and it even bled! Brad had an easier time of it. It’s worth it either way, though!

Veronica looks down as she gets her shot.

Brad edited a couple of photos to give himself magical powers coming out of his hand in one photo, and to give himself superpowered cat-eyes while getting his shot in another.

A purple mist rises out of brad’s extended hand as he waits to get his shot.
Brad has wide golden cat eyes as he gets his shot.

We got some cotton candy grapes and a few other things on sale, then headed to Walmart to get our pickup order.

Luckily we were home in about an hour, just as the rain started. Alice did great while we were gone!

In the pictures, I have long brown wavy hair and am wearing an orange dress with a brown mask. Hestia is a small white and black Chin wearing a purple harness. Brad is wearing a gray and white striped shirt, a white blazer with a neat silver brooch from Lord of the Rings, and a black and cream fedora.

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2 thoughts on “Fly away, flu today

  • Danny & Sheldon

    I love the pics with Brad having the powers and cat eyes! Great editing!

    Sheldon has seen me get so many shots and blood draws that he’s completely unphased by it. But one time, when he was a puppy, he licked my injection site when the needle was in it! Eek! He’s never done that again, but puppies can be unpredictable. I realized early on that appropriate injection behavior would have to be a priority in our training. I would understand the nurse/pharmacist not wanting a dog on your lap if she expected something like that, lol. Hestia is way better behaved than that, though. Good job getting your flu shot! All three of you are rock stars!