TRIGGER: avoiding chest pains 3

TRIGGER (for those who don’t know, this means I am about to say some stuff that could potentially make others feel really badly if they are not in a good frame of mind)










I’ve been having a hard day today.  Bagel Day was fun this morning, but I overdid.  When I got home I took like a 3 hr nap.  That helped some, but I am just feeling really off.  Around 5:30 I started to feel like stabbing myself in the heart.  So I called Hestia up for some deep pressure therapy.  Then I chatted with my friend Linden.  She helped out a lot in discussing the feeling.

After chatting, I told Brad about my stabbing in the chest feeling, and he decided to make a video for therapy.  See last time I went to therapy, my therapist asked me if I had experienced any anxiety in the last month.  I said no, because I honestly did not remember experiencing anxiety.  This is why I have Brad in the room.  He started laughing and pointed out all the times I was anxious in the past month that he could remember.  I just don’t remember negative things.  It’s like they don’t exist outside of the moment when I am feeling them.

Since Brad was not planning on sharing the video, he took it with his cell phone.  But after we watched it, we thought it might help someone else who is going through the same thing.  So here it is, Dr. V raw.


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3 thoughts on “TRIGGER: avoiding chest pains

  • Cyndy Greenacre

    Thinking of you and hoping you are feeling better soon! Thank you for sharing your feelings as well as some things that might help. Love that Hestia and Brad are there for you. Your friends are here for you, too. <3

  • Team Blue

    Great troubleshooting on the video idea and the typing idea! Also, I remember those drawings you did. Would it help to do some when you experience things at home and bring them in to discuss (might jog your memory in session), or if the typing doesn’t work, could you pack a small art kit and use it right there in session to help you verbalize?
    Really proud of Team Morris for continuing to work so diligently <3 <3 <3
    Stay safe! 🙂