Scouting Discovery Place Science–food, frogs, and fish

After the rainforest room, we were getting pretty hungry, so we headed to the cafe. They had a lot of allergy-friendly foods there! They had several gluten-free and vegetarian options, and their sign says they have a nutritional binder available. They had pizza and sandwiches mostly. The pizza smelled really good, but I ended up getting a chicken salad sandwich. Brad got a turkey sandwich. My sandwich was gone really quickly because I was hungry, but Brad took the time to take pictures of his 🙂 We also got a mango-pineapple slushy to share.

Felix did a really good job at lunch! He chose to lie under the table, and I didn’t need to remind him to stay lying down. He just chilled the whole time. I was very proud!

The pictures below show Felix and me lit by a red light against a reflective surface, the menu for the restaurant, some food pics, and a picture of Felix under the table.

After our meal, we explored the first floor of the museum. This is the least crowded area of the museum and is nice and quiet. It’s the best place to go to get away from school field trip groups!

They had a frog exhibit with lots of cool frogs in terrariums. They didn’t make for good pictures, though. We tried to get some pics of one of the bigger frogs, but the frogs really blended in too well with their environments!

Most of the first floor is taken up with a small aquarium. The first tank you come to is in the regular lighting and has large more plainly colored fish. We got a few pictures and a video of Felix watching these fish.

Next we moved on to the areas that were halfway in blue light—the coral reefs! There are two tanks with coral reef fish in them. Felix liked the bright colors and watched those fish, too!

Finally we walked into the center part of the aquarium which is almost entirely in blue light. The main tank in that room is a jellyfish tank, and there are a few other smaller tanks as well. We got some cool pictures of Felix and me watching the jellyfish, and then I also got some pictures of Brad in his pink sequin jacket watching the jellyfish, too!

Brad put a special filter on his lens to make the points of light in pictures look like a fish, so he had fun taking some pictures with fish looking light points in them.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog entry, where we go to the “Cool Stuff” zone!

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