Public access practice—store & sub shop

Today Felix and I went out training to practice for the public access test! We first went to TJ Maxx. On our way in the store, we passed two dogs! Felix did a pretty good job ignoring them, though he did pull a tad.

He did a great job walking through the doors, and OK walking down the main aisle. He did get a little far away from my wheelchair a few times, so I had to remind him to touch my hand and then he was all good.

We walked up and down the food aisle, and then most of the other home goods aisles in the store. We walked around the dog section, and practiced leave-its with all the fluffy toys Felix was interested in! Here’s a picture of Felix in front of the Easter toys.

Then we went into a quiet aisle to practice walking past treats on the floor. This is part of the public access test that we are working towards. I was able to set up my camera on a tripod and get video of us working on this. It was pretty funny because one woman told us our camera was facing backwards (it was on the front camera) and other people stopped to ask us questions about Felix. In the end, I got a really good video with all the strange conversations edited out.

After half an hour of walking around the store practicing leave its, heeling, and greeting people, Felix was acting kinda tired of the whole thing, so we headed to Firehouse Subs where I had a free sub coupon.

Felix was really good in the restaurant! We were seated near the trash and the drinks area, so people were constantly walking past. He held his down really well!!!! I even got a video of an employee changing the trash behind him.

After about half an hour in the restaurant, he started to get antsy, so we left. Overall I’m really pleased with how he did today! I think he should be in good shape to pass his public access test in April!

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