News interviews

When the reporters at WBTV who did my interview about my hearing aids heard about PSDP, they wanted to do another interview with me, Brad, and Sabrina about psychiatric service dogs and PSDP!

So last week, a reporter showed up at our house to interview the three of us. We did the interviews in our backyard.

I went first, and I had Felix in my lap. Unfortunately, being in his backyard but unable to run around and play was a bit too much for Felix, and he kept alternating between sitting and standing over and over again. I think it might have been a bit distracting for the video. But other than sitting and standing, he did a good job.

Brad went next, but since he’s the photographer, we didn’t get pictures of him this time. He looked great and had all the right talking points.

Sabrina went last, and Indy did a great job aside from intensely sniffing an interesting patch of grass at first LOL! Sabrina did a great job in what she said, too.

Then the reporter took some close-up video of the dogs, which was really fun! The dogs were very intrigued by his microphone cover, which was very large and fuzzy! Brad tells me that kind of cover is called a “dead cat” by videographers, so how could dogs not want to sniff it!

Brad was taking pictures the whole time, so you can see them all below. Sabrina and I are both in our power wheelchairs. Felix is a sable and white Japanese Chin wearing a green service dog in training harness. Indy is a Golden Retriever wearing a service dog harness. There are two cameras and a light set up around us as we are talking.

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