Chipotle date

Today for lunch, Brad and I went to the new Chipotle for a date! I had a coupon for free guacamole that expires soon, so we decided to go out and have some fun together.

I placed the order on the Chipotle app, so all Brad had to do was go in to pick it up! I arranged a table outside on their patio for us.

I decided to bring both Hestia and Alice with me. Hestia needs more practice sitting on the floor at restaurants for when I get my new puppy. And Alice doesn’t get to go out much since she’s not a service dog in training anymore. Alice’s problems were always only with indoor spaces, so I knew she’d have fun sitting outside on the patio.

It was slightly chilly, so Brad and I wore coats and the dogs wore their sweaters. We got a table in the sun, and Brad and I had a great meal! We hung around for a fairly long time afterward just chatting. I love talking with Brad!

The girls had a great time, as well. I had a mat that our friend Allison made for us down on the ground for Hestia, and she didn’t move from that mat! She was just sitting there enjoying the sun and watching all the people come by. Chipotle was super busy with lots of people coming and going, and Hestia loved watching them all walk by and hearing them comment on how beautiful she is! I was so proud of her for being such a good girl!

Alice had a fun time watching, too. She did a good job of lying on my lap while I was eating, and then got up on my chest for a better view when Brad and I were talking.

We got a few pictures using my iPhone. In them, I am wearing a turquoise top and lavender leggings with a purple coat. Hestia has a pink sweater on. Alice has pastel rainbow PJs with unicorns on them. Brad is wearing blue shiny pants, a blue blazer, and a white coat. There are pictures of Alice and Hestia while I am eating, then several pictures of us together while Brad and I were talking. Then Brad poses for a few shots, including one of him trying to stuff an entire Chipotle bowl in his mouth! We also got a shot of my Japanese Chin necklace next to Alice, and Brad’s interesting colorful blue and antique bronze brooch. Enjoy!

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