Family birthday

This past week was Brad’s aunt’s birthday! We dressed the girls up in their birthday finest to help celebrate. Most of the people in Brad’s family don’t like being in photos posted on the internet, so here I’ve only included photos where me and the girls and Brad are identifiable.

If anyone’s wondering, our family follows quarantining and/or testing protocols before getting together. Everyone’s especially concerned about not getting Brad sick!

We had a great time, with lots of laughing and smiling!

Hestia is wearing a pink tutu with a pink crown. Alice has a birthday dress with three layers of colored ruffles and a pink party hat. At one point during the evening, I tightened Hestia’s crown and put it on, and it pulled back her skin to make her look extremely surprised (more surprised than she normally looks!). Eventually the girls fell asleep, though I couldn’t post pictures of Alice sleeping in Brad’s brother’s lap!

I am wearing a lavender top and Brad has on a blazer with postage all over it.

Enjoy the pictures!

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