Publix exposure

Today I had to run to Publix really quickly to get hummus (and vegan cheese for Brad) since Walmart was out of those things for our last order. Then I had to pick up our foodshare box where we get a large box of produce for $5!

I decided to take Alice with me, and pouch her in Publix. She’s not ready yet to walk in Publix, especially when I need to actually shop for something!

She did OK in Publix. She was better in Publix than she was in Earth Fare the other day, but still not 100% comfortable. She was tense when we entered and walked around the produce department. But when we went into the regular aisles, she relaxed. So we definitely need to do more practice with grocery stores.

When we were checking out, I had loaded my items onto the belt and was walking forward to get to the area where you can watch how much stuff is ringing up for and pay. The cashier and two baggers were complimenting Alice, and one of the baggers came right up to me blocking my way from getting to the paying area. He leaned down so he was right at boob height (Alice’s height, I know, but still I felt like he was staring at my boobs) and started talking to Alice. I kept my head about me and just said “Excuse me, I need to get over here to pay for my stuff” and he moved. But it felt really awkward.

I took two selfies while we were there. In them, Alice is a tiny sable and white Japanese Chin in a rainbow pouch. I am wearing a teal shirt and a KN95 mask.

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