UPS and Petsmart 3

Today Alice and I ran a couple of errands. First we had to drop off an Amazon return at the UPS store. Since that’s just handing something to the person behind the counter, I took Alice in on the floor.

She walked across the parking lot wonderfully. When we got to the door, she hesitated a bit because it is a regular door and not an automatic door. She prefers automatic doors LOL! But eventually she walked in with confidence.

We walked across the store and to the counter. Alice didn’t want to get more than 5 feet from the counter, so I left the leash long and handed my item to the person. Then I asked if we could go to a section of the counter where there wasn’t anyone and train a little. They said sure, so we did! Even though Alice wasn’t enthusiastic about treats, we did a little bit of training in the store until she got about 2 feet from the counter.

Alice, a tiny sable and white Japanese Chin in a purple harness, stands about 2 feet from the counter.

Then we headed out of the store, Alice walking great on the leash the whole time. When we got to the parking lot, I took a selfie of us outside the van!

Veronica and Alice in a selfie with grey skies behind them.

Next we headed to PetSmart where I had a coupon for Hestia’s food. Alice wanted to stop in the parking lot and sniff the grass, but I didn’t let her because we went on a 5 minute walk before we left. So I thought she was empty. So I coaxed her away from the grass and into the store. But as soon as we got inside, she pooped! I guess that’ll show me! Next time I’ll walk her before we go anywhere until she poops, and if she tells me she wants to sniff grass before a store, I’ll listen to her in case she needs to poop.

Luckily it was a pet friendly store, so I cleaned it up and no one cared!

We walked around the store for about 8 minutes. Alice wasn’t really in the mood for treats, so we just walked and did a lot of stopping. I went mostly at her pace, though I did encourage her a bit sometimes to walk forward LOL! I got a picture of her in front of some parakeets, and a selfie of us in front of glow in the UV light fish.

Alice in her seatbelt harness in front of blue and green parakeets.
Veronica and Alice in front of glowing fish!

After about 8 minutes, as we were heading to pick up the food, Alice decided she was done walking. She just refused to move any further. Since I was planning to carry her anyway when I got the food and while I was paying so I wouldn’t be training and shopping, I just picked her up a minute early and carried her over to the freezer to grab the food.

As we were in the checkout line, and a woman came in the store and exclaimed how much she loved my outfit! I was wearing a purple peasant dress and had my hair in a loose side ponytail with a purple flower hair tie. That felt nice!

We checked out and headed home, where we are now relaxing.

Overall it was an acceptable outing. I’m pleased with how she did at the UPS store, but a little disappointed at how she did at the pet store. I think that pet stores are more overwhelming for a small dog’s senses or something. It’ll be good to work on pet stores, but I’m going to keep my focus on public access in no-pets places, where she’s more comfortable and where I actually need her to work.

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