Party Animals

On Tuesday we had a puppy shower! Several of my NAMI friends and Brad’s family came over and helped us celebrate the impending arrival of puppy! Sorry it’s taken so long to get this blog entry up– it took a little bit to get pictures edited, and then I haven’t been doing well.

After some difficulty, we managed to set up the canopy in our yard, and Brad’s family helped arrange tables and chairs and everything. We hung up color pictures of the puppies around the canopy and tables, as well as QR codes that people could scan to see the picture online. It was a hot day, but with the shade from the house and the canopy, we did OK.

There were dog and cat ears (felt) for people to wear, and everyone got a Japanese Chin pin, too! People brought really yummy food to share, including that Brad’s aunt carved a watermelon into a dog!

The watermelon dog has fruit skewers sticking out of it, and is extremely creative!

We talked and ate for a while, and then it was time to open presents! We got lots of great puppy supplies, and my puppy registry gift list was described as “very practical” LOL!

Next we played guess the number of treats in the jar, and Brad won! Hestia was happy about that, because that meant we got to keep the treats she had so bravely sacrificed to the jar LOL.

Brad, wearing a pink blazer, a pink flower tie, Japanese Chin pins, an orange hat, and brown dog ears, smiles into the camera. Over his shoulder there is a picture of him with Harley on his shoulder taped to the pole for the canopy.

Finally we played service dog BINGO where every square was something people say to service dog users. It was a lot of fun! Brad and his mom won!

Then Brad’s family helped us clean up, which was super super nice!

Scarlet did a good job throwing me a puppy shower, and here are the pics to prove it (Brad’s mom, aunt, and cousin don’t want pictures of themselves online– that’s why you won’t see them).

In the pictures, almost every has on dog ear headbands. Hestia has on a turquoise cooling vest. There’s a great picture of Dan that Brad edited to make look like he was casting a spell with pink spell-looking-stuff around his waving hands. Hestia in one of the pictures is exhausted and lying flat out in the grass looking like a pancake! There are some great shots of Brad that I took, he is so handsome (he is smiling in one and talking to someone else in another). Brad also edited a picture of CJ and Melissa to look like CJ is casting a spell with white whispies and blue fuzzies. Finally there are pictures of the signs Brad made. One reads “Friends who received a puppy shower invite, prance your paws over there, just a bit to the right” with an arrow to the right and a black and white picture of puppies. The other reads “The housetrained come here to find their relief. Make a mess elsewhere, we might give you grief” with a picture of Harley’s butt and a toilet.

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