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My psych nurse gave specific instructions to Brad to buy me something to help me get over the thought that I’m not worthy of using any resources. For those who don’t know, I’ve been struggling a lot lately with thoughts that I’m not worthy of using up resources like time, energy (relating to people’s energy or energy usage that could lead to increased climate change), or money. It’s even gotten to the point where there’ve been times I’ve struggled to drink water because water is a limited resource. So to help me work through it, Brad was supposed to buy me something.

Brad bought me a summer dress with galaxy print on it that matches Hestia’s vest and my mask! I have galaxy leggings, but those are too warm for summer. Now Hestia and I can match year round!

It arrived yesterday, so I washed it and wore it today to Earth Fare to pick up some groceries. It was so fun to be matching Hestia! We got a lot of compliments on my dress from people who didn’t even notice it matched Hestia LOL!

Brad got a few pics in the produce section with my phone, so they aren’t as high quality as Brad pictures usually are. But he’s been struggling lately, too. At least you get the idea that both of us are covered with swirls of blue, purple, and pink nebulas with white stars on a black background.

Hestia was tolerable in the store, but not great. I’d give her a C+. She did a paws up on the shopping cart twice for some reason! That’s totally out of character for her and I have no idea why she did it!!! And she was also distracted by the woman behind us in line. I think it’s probably because we haven’t been going on walks lately due to my foot being injured. So she is probably a little spunkier than usual. Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be better when we’re back on a more normal schedule.

Unfortunately, even though I’ve taken several days off, it was still too much of an outing for me and I’m doing worse off again 🙁

Below are three pics Brad took in the produce section of Hestia in her galaxy vest, me in my galaxy dress and mask. The first two pics are full body shots, and the last shows Hestia in my arms. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Intergalactic coordinates

  • g

    I’m sad to think of you struggling with feelings of not being worthy of resources but I’m excited to see that dress. Is it CowCow brand? Because if it is you and I have the same dress. I like the galaxy print so much I have a second one but I can’t remember the brand of that one and I’m not at home to check. I hope wearing it brings you joy.

    • Veronica Morris Post author

      Thanks! It’s not the cow cow brand, but it is similar to that one. The cow cow ones are shorter looking in cut. This brand is a bit longer looking. I have eyed the cow cow dresses, though– they are super cute! Wearing it does make me happy.