Perfect 10 2

Today Hestia and I stopped at Publix to pick up my favorite hummus that’s on sale, plus a couple other items. First we went to the park for our morning walk, and then headed to the store.

Hestia was PERFECT in the store! I give her a score of 10 out of 10! Maybe even 11 out of 10!

She heeled perfectly the whole time, through produce, dairy, frozen, and snack aisles. She didn’t sniff, she just was cool as a cucumber. We even had to pass close by a couple of workers stocking shelves.

I was feeling totally relaxed because watching Hestia be so relaxed helped me not to start to get anxious. I was so relaxed that when I got to checkout and there were 5 people in front of me in the only in-person checkout line open, I opted to go to the self-checkout!

I HATE self checkout! It is so stressful for me to try to do all the things myself, and I always worry if there will be problems with the machine or the prices will be wrong.

Hestia sat there in front of the machine like a champ and just hung out while I checked out. We were right in front of where the really long line was, so we were also being stared at the whole time by like 5 people. Talk about a high pressure situation!

But Hestia was great! I even had a problem paying and had to call over the attendant. Hestia just looked up at me, googled her eyes, smiled with her tongue hanging slightly out to the side, which made me feel better just from looking at her.

We finished and got out to the car, and Hestia totally ignored a strange lady who stood right next to Hestia leaning over her while I was loading my four bags into the van.

Good girl, Hestia, you get a perfect 10 for today’s outing! And I got 8 tubs of my favorite hummus (it has carrots and sriracha in it!)!

I got four pictures. In them, Hestia is a small white and black dog with googley eyes and a smushed nose wearing a galaxy vest. I took the wrong leash today, so there’s an “in training” leash slide showing in some of the pictures. In the fist picture, she’s sitting in the frozen section. The second and third pictures are close up and far away of her standing in the gluten free cracker and cookie aisle. And the last one shows her sitting in front of the checkout machine. She’s not looking at the camera in that one because I was trying to be discreet taking that picture since there were like 5 people watching us!

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