Hestia and the haircut

Yesterday Hestia went with me to get my hair cut in a new style! She’s only been with me once before when I’ve gotten a haircut (I’d had home haircuts for a decade), and she stayed underneath the cape the whole time.

Yesterday she did NOT want to do that! She insisted that her head be poking out from beneath the cape. Then she acted all affronted when my hair was falling on top of her! The diva needs to stay clean!

When I was all done, the stylist used a blow dryer to blow the hair off of the cape. She asked if she should blow the hair off Hestia, too, and I said sure since I use a blowdryer on Hestia at home. Well Hestia must’ve thought it was modeling day because she did a full-on wind-in-the-hair modeling session with that blow dryer!

It was very cute, and Hestia still rocks it! If you want to see my new do, it’s below! I’m not totally sure about it yet. I think on me it might age me more than I want. But at least it’ll stay out of my face when I’m training Felix!

My hair is now in a very short layered bob with bangs!

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