Feeding time successes! 2

Feeding times have been the most challenging times of the day for us since bringing Felix home. Alice didn’t want anything to do with eating when Felix was nearby. For lunch and dinner it was OK because Brad could hold Felix while Hestia and Alice ate, and then I’d feed Felix separately. But breakfast was really hard because Brad is asleep, and if Felix barked, Alice would stop eating and go away. Felix was also not liking a lot of the food options we have or were given.

This morning for breakfast, we had a small success with Felix staying on the couch quietly while Hestia and Alice ate, and then I was able to feed Felix Stella and Chewy’s freeze dried raw which he had the night before and ate all of.

We spent an hour in the yard today, and Felix and Alice almost played a little bit! So things are looking up in their relationship.

So today for lunch, with Brad’s help, I tried for the trifecta—getting all the dogs to eat at the same time.

I prepared all the food, then set Alice and Hestia’s bowls down. Then Brad brought over Felix and put him down while I put Felix’s bowl down. I held my breath… And everyone ate!!!!!

I was so happy that I had Brad take a picture of the momentous occasion!

In it, I am wearing a pink dress, sitting on the floor, giving a thumbs up, and smiling. Hestia is at the top of the picture eating, Felix is in the middle eating, and Alice is at the bottom eating.

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