Some good memories

I was looking through old Ollie videos with his service dog friends and had to share some!

Ollie, Iris, and Oliver riding the bus together (that was the first day that Oliver and Iris had ever been on a bus!):

Ollie, Iris, and Teagan at Taco Bell– notice how Teagan who is an English Mastiff is able to fit!

Iris as usual cuddled up to Ollie, and holding hands with Teagan later that day at Taco Bell:

Me teaching Zeus the English Mastiff to weave outside of our favorite meeting spot, Mr. Taco:

Ollie, Iris, and Gracie at Mr. Taco, showing how dogs can be not underneath the table, but out of the way:

Distraction training (and a funny oops from Veronica at the very end) in the toy aisle with Ollie, Iris, and Gracie:

Wheelchair introduction with Ollie, Iris, and Gracie.  See minute 9 for awesome rear end work duo on Ollie and Gracie’s part:

Ollie, Iris, and Gracie in a glass elevator– Ollie’s first time!

Gracie (Great Dane) sits on my lap while Ollie, Iris, and Dora watch.  This was right after an intense psychotic episode from me and I had been on zyprexa two days and was really struggling.  Gracie knew and took over.

Ollie and Oliver in Santa Barbara:

At a convention, Jenna, Winston, and Ollie ride the escalator:

At the same convention, Ollie, Winston, and Gracie experience the water feature at the aquarium:

Square dancing at a later convention:

The convention the year after that, on the streets of Solvang:

Leaving a restaurant at the convention:

Ollie, Oliver, and Mikayla riding the bus:

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