A rabbity walk before twilight 6

Closeup of Veronica with an amazing sky in the backgroundThis evening we went on a walk and Brad took along his camera.  He got some great pictures!  I just had to share them with you!  I am wearing a pink and white tie dye dress and Hestia just has her regular leash and collar.  My long, brown hair is extra curly because of the humidity.

Veronica in a pink and white tie dye dress holding Hestia who is very tired and panting in front of a Honeysuckle bush

We walked down our street and to the cul de sac in the next neighborhood over where there is a stream and some nice wildlife.  It was almost twilight, and perfect lighting for pictures. We thought waiting until then would make it cooler out, but it was still VERY hot!

Veronica holding Hestia, Hestia looks very sleepy along the walk.

We saw lots of wildlife along the walk.  Mainly rabbits!  There was practically one in every yard, chowing down on grass in the cooler evening.  They were so cute!  We also saw a turtle in the stream!

A house with rabbits on either side!  Brad added arrows to point out the rabbits.

Here are the pics!





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