Saturday socializing, training, and flyer artistry 4

Veronica, Brad and friends sitting around in a coffee shop on couches


Closeup on Miss Googley Eyes, looking extra googley!

This morning was Bagel Day with my NAMI friends again!  Brad was feeling better and able to come with, yay!  Also there were Scarlet, Dan, Betsey, Tommy, and Kakhi.  On the way there, I had a panic attack and Hestia was in the back of the van.  I was in the front.  I turned around and watched her and she watched me for the last 10 minutes of the drive, which helped some.  But I wasn’t in great shape when we went in.  Luckily Hestia went right to work!  We had a really good time talking and eating yummy things 🙂


Hestia and Gigi in Petsmart with Scarlet and Veronica, standing in the dog clothing aisleAfter Bagel Day, Scarlet went with Brad and me to PetSmart.  We wanted to work around other dogs.  And boy did we get our wish!  There were SO many other dogs in PetSmart (I’m estimating we saw about 30 dogs), and probably only about 3 or 4 who were well-trained/behaved.  One lady dropped her leash and didn’t even realize she had lost her dog until her dog was practically down another aisle!  Luckily Scarlet was quick and picked Gigi up because that dog came barreling straight for them!


Lots of bad dog body language, but one Kelpie mix was looking at Gigi like he wanted to eat her.  It was really scary!  But Gigi was excellent!  She saw the Kelpie mix, and looked right up to Scarlet to get a treat!  She did that for pretty much all the dogs in the store, even barking ones, play bowing ones, bad body language ones, scared ones, etc.


Hestia loves all other dogs, so whenever we saw another dog coming, we stepped in front of Gigi.  Hestia got to meet the few dogs with good body language, plus a few others that snuck up behind me and greeted her before I knew what was going on (ignorant owners!!!!).  We had fun looking at the cats, the glowing fish, the reptiles, and the guinea pigs!!!!!  They had two guineas that were having fun in their pigloo.  Brad got pictures of all those other animals.


Brad also got three videos of us training in the store.  The first video I was unaware he was taking a video, so you get a raw look at me and Hestia not thinking we are on camera.  The second video I ended early because I thought Hestia was doing horribly, but she didn’t do that badly, actually.  The third video is the best one, and the one I am embedding here.  Remember while watching these that I am trying to train her to stay in heel position even when she is not looking at me!


First video

Second video


Veronica and Hestia looking at each other in perfect heelAfter PetSmart, we went to Marshalls.  It was cooler in there, so we wandered around a bit doing training while cooling off (it was very hot today!).


Veronica and Hestia, with Scarlet and Gigi heading out of MarshallsScarlet wanted to make a flyer for Gigi, so she came back over to our house.  She and Brad worked on modifying Hestia’s flyer to make it Gigi specific, and then we looked through loads of pictures to find good ones for her flyer.  While we were doing this, I also updated Hestia’s flyer, too!  Here is Hestia’s updated flyer:


Veronica and Scarlet holding up their newly made SD flyersWe had a lot of fun hanging out, and Brad had fun using his photo editing software to remove eye boogers, make the semicolon with a paw design in black and in rainbow colors, etc.  Please feel free to use theses paw print semicolon designs for your own uses 🙂 He also got some pics of Gigi picking a business card up from the floor and handing it to various people.  Gigi was so good at that!  Surprisingly we did not watch an episode of Supernatural (which Scarlet loves) LOL!


Black paw print semicolon. Rainbow paw print semicolon.












Here are pictures of our adventures today!

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4 thoughts on “Saturday socializing, training, and flyer artistry

  • Bunny Clayton

    Looked like fun ! Must of been the day to go to PetSmart ! We ran into rude dogs and mean owners …or was it the other way around ?! LOL !

  • Kyrie-Inn Blue

    nice to meet you, Gigi!! you all have the best adventures 😀 when we have more reliable transportation, we are gonna have to get up to you and run around with the posse! Tallahassee ain’t that far from you, a day (we stop a lot), and we have plenty of camping gear. if you’ll have us to play that is…

    • Veronica Morris Post author

      That would be so fun to meet you guys! I’d love to get together! I would invite you to stay wth us, but Ollie developed an extreme fear of other dogs and has become very reactive. So we don’t let him around new dogs. But there are a lot of good camping spots in the area 🙂