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This morning, Brad’s friend Rohit (who is visiting us!) and I went to 7 Eleven to get gas, coffee, and juice. I did not have Hestia in a traditional vest, instead she was wearing a harness that has a metal service dog tag on it, and there is another metal service dog tag on her leash.

I walked in and before I even got in the door, the lady behind the counter was screaming at me about not having dogs in the store. I politely said “service dog”, smiled, and turned to go to the back of the store to get some juice. She started screaming again (very loudly and with a very disgusted tone) about how Hestia didn’t have a vest on. Instead of pointing out the two service dog tags she was wearing, I decided to stand up for service dog users who wear minimally marked gear or who choose to go naked. (Brad says I mean the dog is the one without clothing, not the human!)

So I said, again very politely and with a smile, “vests are not required”. She tried to argue with me that they were, and how else would she know if the dog was a service dog. I understand asking how she would know the dog is a service dog, but seriously you can ask that politely instead of screaming and talking at me like I am a disgusting piece of dog doo!

I responded that the ADA doesn’t require vests for service dogs, but it can require the two questions, and I answered the two questions for her (I am disabled and this is my service dog, and that she is a medical response dog and warns me before I get sick). She got an even MORE sour look on her face and responded “Fine, just whatever!” and stomped off.

When I brought my juice up to the counter, she was banging things around and acting really rudely to me, though she did ring me up properly. She ended up overcharging Rohit for his coffee, though! Ugh! How frustrating to be treated so rudely! I understand seeing a service dog that is not in a traditional looking vest can lead to questions, but that doesn’t mean you need to start yelling and treating people with such disrespect!

I will continue to go back to 7 Eleven for their really cheap good 100% organic juice, but I hope I will be treated with more respect in other locations or in this location with different employees!

Oh, and they also had a sign in the accessible parking spot’s diagonal line space for accessible vans…. We’ve asked them to fix this before…… We even took a picture of it in this blog entry: . If you aren’t sure what I am talking about, read this article on how accessible van spaces work, and why someone with a wheelchair lift or ramp needs the full 8 feet of space empty next to their door in order to get in and out of their van:

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