Training the human 2

Veronica in her new wool dress laughing, while Hestia sits in heel looking up at her.(Video below. #ServiceDogArt for resolutions!) Today for Hestia’s heel training, we worked on training the human!  I am trying to get used to giving Hestia one lick of the treat at a time, and continuing walking while giving the treats, and holding and using a clicker, too!  Boy is it complicated!  But I am getting it, and Hestia is game for anything involving treat goo!

I am wearing my new wool dress from Ibex.  Too bad they went out of business, but it is good that they had such a huge sale that I could afford to get a dress!  The colors make me think of Chanda!

Brad wanted to be funny, so notice that he put me on the TV screen in the video!  LOL!


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2 thoughts on “Training the human

  • Team Blue

    ^5, Brad 😛 That dress actually looks pretty comfy (I’m not a dress/skirt person–but that one, hmm!); glad you did get it when that last call sale happened! Hey, and we humans all need retraining…so.many.times. Where’s our treat goo? 😀