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Today I saw my new nutritionist, Amy Townsend, and it was awesome.

First I explained to her my history of eating disorders and how it’s hard for me to understand food. Then we went over my typical diet. Normally I eat an egg for breakfast, hummus and grapes for lunch, either a chicken breast with pickles/veggies or vegetable curry for dinner, kombucha, and 4 dates plus a carbonated water with natural flavors for dessert.

She told me that what I was eating was good, I was just not eating enough of it. She wants me on a 1500 calorie a day diet. She showed me a sample menu, and boy did it look like a lot of food to me! We spent a very long time going over some nutritional basics, and talking about the sample diet and how I could get the calories in that I need.

A few times my anxiety started to soar because of how much food she was wanting me to eat every day, and I nearly started crying twice. Hestia was great, alerting to my rising anxiety levels, providing pressure therapy, and grounding me through the appointment.

She said my fruit intake was pretty good, but I needed to increase my grains, fats, protein, and veggies. She wants me to eat an extra snack 30 min before bed to optimize my blood sugar levels. We also talked about me being gluten free and agreed that I’d try to go off of my gluten free diet and see how I felt (though I will still eat all the yummy gluten-free stuff my MIL makes, I can eat both gluten and gluten-free foods!). She is super supportive of me not eating any cane sugar. She gave me a whole folder of handouts and information on how to eat healthfully including several sample menus and meals!

The whole appointment I felt so cared for. It was really really nice. We even went over our time by about 10 minutes, but she didn’t seem to mind. And she wants to see me again next month!

So here is my new diet…

Breakfast: an egg and a slice of toast with either avocado or butter

Lunch: A sandwich with LOTS of hummus, sprouts, and tomatoes topped with salad dressing perhaps and two servings of grapes

Dinner: EITHER a chicken thigh (or other similar meat portion), quinoa, two servings of veggies, and salad with salad dressing OR vegetable curry (includes veggies, beans, and coconut milk), quinoa, and salad with salad dressing AND kombucha

Dessert: 4 dates and a carbonated water with natural flavor

Before bed snack: plain whole milk yogurt with maple syrup

I was kinda sad to leave her office because I liked her so much and we had such a fun and educational time. But we had to go to the grocery store to stock up on all these new foods for my new diet.

Unfortunately I left my meds and supplements there, so when we were almost to Earth Fare we had to turn around and go back to get them!

Finally we got to Earth Fare. We wanted to park in the first available accessible spot, but the access aisle (those diagonal lines next to the spot that Brad needs to be able to get in and out of the van) was occupied by a blue car! Of course Brad had to give them one of his overparking cards!

I was a bit scattered because of having to look at new things, and Hestia was a bit off of her game as well. But we only spent an hour there getting everything we needed. I had made a list on the way to Earth Fare, following the handouts and what we had discussed, so that made it a lot easier.

When we got home, I tried my new diet out. I had turkey with cranberry sauce, beets, corn, a slice of toast with butter, and kombucha. Then four dates for dessert. I was too stuffed to drink my carbonated drink! But I might have it when I get done making this blog entry.

We got a picture of me, Hestia, and my nutritionist in her office since we had such a good time. I am a woman with long brown curly hair and a grey top. Hestia is a small black and white dog with a smushed nose, wearing a purple vest. Amy is a short grey-haired woman wearing a white doctor’s coat. Both Amy and Veronica have on really neat round glasses.

We got a picture of Brad’s overparking card stuck in the door of a blue car, and then a picture from further back showing the blue car in the access aisle. Brad is a bearded man in a power wheelchair, wearing a black coat and a purple and blue blanket, and he is in front of the car shrugging his shoulders in disbelief at this parking job.

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One thought on “Cornucopia of information

  • Elaine Jordan

    I’m glad you went to an expert and feel better about one telling you to eat more! Several were advising you of this, but now you understand why.
    I’m trying something new myself, after much research, intermittent fasting, nothing severe, basically, just not eating after 5 pm. I used to not eat after 6 pm and felt much better, so hoping to get back to that
    It is simply unbelievable how callous people can be in regards to parkingšŸ˜¢