My favorite convention pictures

Brad has already posted the official PSDP convention photos on the PSDP website: He will be posting even more on his Instagram page. I have picked out some of my favorites in this blog entry for you to enjoy.

This first group of pictures highlights some favorite pics from Friday night and Saturday up to midday. They show Brad in his purple and teal finery, River the white Standard Poodle, Marian and her Maltese x poodle mix Martha talking with me and Felix, and Sabrina wearing a gorgeous white pantsuit with Golden Retriever Indy. Most of the pictures were taken in the meeting room, but the photo of Sabrina and Indy is out at Moe’s for lunch.

We got portraits done at the convention! Deanna did one of me, Brad, and Felix. And Brad took one of me and Felix. I am wearing my lime green Tinkerbell dress and Brad is wearing green sequins!

One of my favorite restaurants we went to during the convention was Sweet Frog. They donated some 25% off coupons for us! I really like the series of pictures Brad got of me and Felix testing out flavors, getting my frozen yogurt, and being happy about it all!

The last set of meeting room pictures are of Sunday afternoon and evening. There’s a great one of Callie the Brussels Griffon looking silly as usual. Felix is falling asleep on my chest in one pic. We have a picture of Martha the Maltese x Poodle mix lying on the floor. And there’s a picture of Deanna winning the Color Street prize package at the raffle, and me grasping at the air behind her wanting that prize package LOL!

On Sunday morning, we went to Glencairn Garden, and Brad got some lovely shots there! I am wearing a green dress with a pink orchid headband! There are some great pictures of Felix and me with the Irises, and Felix and Callie with them, too! There’s also a picture of Katie holding Felix that I love!

On Monday we had tourism day, and went to Discovery Place Science. It was a fun museum to visit, but extremely loud and overwhelming as there were several field trips there with wild and unruly kids. There’s even a picture of the instant a kid ran over and practically jumped on top of Felix, and he is trying to dodge them!

There are some wonderful pics in the rainforest room (glass separated us from the rainforest). The aquarium was amazing and very blue! Katie went nearly horizontal trying to stop a hamster wheel she was running on. And we had a great time at the dog exhibit with lots of dog statues that our dogs did great around!

We end with a picture of Brad in white iridescent sequins, who made all these pictures possible! And here’s to next year for an even better convention!

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