Glitter Man and Pastel Tinkerbell portraits

Yesterday Brad and I did another photo shoot! This one we really had fun with. We used a fun and very colorful backdrop with a green woodland, a stream, multicolor mushrooms, and butterflies. We also used some LED lights in front of the camera to give different lighting effects in the foreground of the pictures.

Brad adopted the persona of Glitter Man. He wore a shiny rainbow suit and a blue rhinestone bowtie with a rainbow feather headband. On his face he had rhinestones and glitter.

I dressed as Pastel Tinkerbell. I wore my Tinkerbell dress with a pastel rainbow wig, purple fairy wings, and pastel face paint.

Felix wore blue butterfly wings, and Hestia and Alice wore pink and green (respectively) shiny fairy wings.

We started off the photo shoot with just Brad and me posing and got some good shots. But soon Alice wanted to come up, so we got her involved. Then it was time for family portraits with all three doggies!

We have struggled in the past to get all three dogs to look towards the camera, so this time we tried something new. Brad would hit the button triggering a two second delay before the photo was taken, then throw a toy towards the camera. Just as the dogs looked at the toy, the camera would take the picture. It was complicated for Brad to manage all that and pose as well, but I think he did a good job!

After a while, Felix got tired of this, so he went down and we got shots of us with Hestia and Alice.

At the end of the shoot, Brad wanted to get some closeups of just me. So there are several of those in there. He was asking me to channel different animals, and I think I was doing a good job until he told me to channel a honey badger. I forgot what they were and just looked confused!

So anyway, enjoy the pictures below of our very colorful and fun-spirited photo shoot!

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