Anti-flu—we’d like the COVID shot, too

Today we went to Walgreens to get our flu and COVID vaccines. I decided not to take my wheelchair as my arms are usually sore after getting vaccinated and I didn’t want to be lifting my wheelchair into the van with sore arms. They usually have free chairs to sit in at the pharmacy area, so I figured I’d just park myself there and be fine.

Felix did such a good job heeling back through the store to the pharmacy section! He doesn’t usually practice heeling next to me when I’m walking, so it was good to see that he hasn’t lost his skill in this area. He was a little interested in some stuffed animals on a super low shelf that we passed, but walked on pretty well when I told him to leave it.

We got back to the pharmacy section and tried to check in. Well I sat in a chair to the side while Brad handled all the checking in! The pharmacist had some trouble running our insurance for the COVID shot. She had us wait for a while and she called the insurance company. It turns out that our insurance company doesn’t cover the new COVID vaccine yet—at least at Walgreens! So I will have to call them tomorrow and see if they are covering it anywhere, and if not, when they think they’ll start covering it.

We decided to just go ahead and get our flu shots while we were there since we had planned to have downtime anyway (we always feel less than great after getting vaccinated—at least we know our immune systems are activated!). And that way when we get our COVID shot (hopefully that’s a when not an if!), we’ll only have to get one thing instead of both.

While we were waiting for them to prepare our flu shots, many people came into the pharmacy. I’d say about half of them commented on Felix. They were mostly nice comments about how cute he was etc. One older man came with his wife and he just stood in front of me and stared at Felix. Occasionally he’d wave at Felix. It was fairly odd. The wife asked me some questions about Felix’s breed and so on. I had to tell her that her “Chihuahua” guess wasn’t right! Eventually the man asked if Felix bites. I said he did not, as he is a service dog in training. The man stood there a while longer. Brad got a photo of Felix up on my chest looking out at the man (you can’t see the man in the picture). In return, I got a picture of Brad in his shiny blue and black suit.

Eventually they called us back to give us our shots, and Felix didn’t care at all that I was getting jabbed.

On our way out of the store, we got some video of Felix heeling next to me in the toy aisle. I am wearing a sugar skull dress and a red witch hat. He did a very good job! We are happy that we at least got our flu shots, and hope that we can go back for the updated COVID shots soon!

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