Bubble wrap

My mom sent me several of her paintings and a really old picture of her and me when I was a baby. She used LOADS of bubble wrap of various kinds to protect it all. We weren’t really planning on exploring new surfaces with Felix today, but as bubble wrap inevitably got strewn across the floor, Felix just walked all over it with no hesitation! I was so excited to see that!

I got a few pictures and a short video of him walking across two different types of bubble wrap as Brad crinkles and cuts bubble wrap from his wheelchair next to him.

In the video, Hestia joins in the fun and they start to play! After I shot the video, they were wrestling on top of the bubble wrap! Eventually I had to pick it up, though, because Felix kept trying to eat it LOL!

Enjoy the pics and video!

Felix is a sable and white Japanese Chin, and Hestia is black and white. They are in our living room walking on traditional bubble wrap and bubble wrap with larger bubbles of air.

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