Bivalently boosted 3

This afternoon Brad and I got our updated COVID boosters! They’re the ones that cover the Omicron variant in addition to the previous versions, so that’s why they call them bivalent. I took Alice since I had taken Hestia this morning to physical therapy.

I knew we’d have to wait around for 15 minutes after the booster, and I didn’t know if they’d have chairs in an uncrowded area to wait. So I brought my wheelchair.

We zipped inside and down to the pharmacy and checked in. Then we had to wait about twenty minutes or so before they were ready for us. While we waited, Brad got some pictures of us. Alice was being a good girl on my lap the whole time!

Eventually they called us back to a small room. They wanted both of us to go in at the same time! It was really difficult fitting two wheelchairs in the room, so I didn’t try to turn around for a better picture while I was getting my shot. Brad the excellent driver managed to do it, though! He also made hand gestures like he was scared, then giving the thumbs up while he was getting his shot. He is a funny guy and better at posing than I am!

It was really hard for me to get out of the small room. I ended up running into some things while trying to turn around to get out. Brad was a bit embarrassed at my bad driving I think. Oh well, I’m new to driving a power wheelchair! He said it takes practice and told me to take it slow.

Then we had to wait fifteen more minutes to make sure we didn’t have a bad reaction. Brad got some more pictures and we had a good time talking.

Below are all the pictures Brad got! In them I am wearing a yellow dress with tropical leggings. Alice is a sable and white Japanese Chin wearing a purple vest. And Brad is wearing bright green pants, a red blazer, and a red and green scarf.

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