Ocular outing

Today we went to the eye doctor! I’ve been having some double vision, and it’s been 3 years since we last went, so it was time.

I called ahead and explained about Alice, and they said I should bring her! I pouched her for the whole time, where she feels very secure, and I had Brad ready to take her out if she got anxious or anything.

The appointment at In Focus Eyecare went great! Alice wasn’t worried at all, and Hestia was great as usual. Brad got some pictures of the eye exam, even.

Turns out I am seeing double because my eyes are out of alignment. They’ve always been that way, but it gets worse with old age especially for people with really high prescriptions. My right eye got better, but my left eye stayed the same. So my next glasses will have prisms in them to bend the light and let me see things all at once.

Afterwards, we looked at frames. We’re waiting until their big trunk show sale in October to order because it’ll be cheaper and because they’re having a couple of glasses brands come in and bring their entire lines—so there will be more glasses to see!

Brad found some mint green ones that he really likes. He also got a picture in a pair of fuchsia ones with other colors flecked in. And he also got pictures in a turquoise pair for the shape—he is going to see the other colors it comes in at the trunk show.

I found two that I liked. The same turquoise ones, and also a light pink pair that I thought were too sedate for me, but actually look really good!

In the pictures, I am wearing a purple dress with Alice, a tiny sable and white Chin, in a rainbow pouch. Hestia is a black and white Chin wearing a purple harness. Brad is wearing turquoise pants, a pink shirt, a turquoise and pink tie, a purple blazer, and a pink and black hat.

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