Bad drop-off 4

This morning I picked up Ollie’s meds, dropped off recycling, and dropped off Goodwill donations. The recycling went very very bad, but the other two were OK.

First we went to Publix drive-through to get Ollie’s meds. It was a little bit flustered because they had the closed sign there, so I got all anxious that maybe they were closed and I’d have to come back later. But then the person showed up and apparently had just forgotten to remove the closed sign. Then the box thing that they put your meds in was locked and they had to find someone to unlock it!

So I was already a little stressed when we headed to the recycling center. Our city has stopped sorting recycling due to the pandemic as of several months ago. So they will pick up your recycling in your bins, but they just toss it in the trash!

We had a lot of recycling built up from the last several months, and Brad had very nicely sorted it for me.

When I arrived, I pulled up and there were two guys there to help. I asked them where to put various things and they were really gruff and mean to me.

I had read online all about what the recycling center takes and even watched their videos to make sure everything I brought was recyclable. But these guys were telling me different things! They said batteries had to be thrown in the trash unless if they were rechargeable batteries. Then they told me that my plastics weren’t recyclable at all! But after I questioned them about it, they said to just toss them in the bin anyway! So I was super confused!

And to add to all the confusion, it was a foggy morning and so with my mask on my glasses were completely fogged up. I could hardly read the signs on which bins to put stuff in.

I had left Hestia in the car because I didn’t think it was a safe environment for her to be out in, and my anxiety with all these interactions, confusion, and fogginess of glasses went through the roof!

When I was finally done, I had to pull over on the way out to get Hestia out of her seatbelt and cuddle with her. She gave me lots of pressure therapy and licking to try to calm me down. Without her I would have spiraled into a full blown panic attack and wouldn’t have been able to get home!

But with Hestia’s help, I was able to calm down enough to drive to Goodwill.

I got to Goodwill a few minutes before they opened, so Hestia snuggled with me and calmed me down further.

The Goodwill drop off was super easy! I just opened my trunk and they took out my boxes.

I’m not sure what we’ll do for recycling in the future. I mean recycling is important, but I don’t know that I can handle that again! Or maybe if I do, I’ll pouch Hestia while unloading so that she can help me through it.

I did get a few pics of our adventure today. One of Hestia in front of the ramp extended in the van. The van is filled with cardboard boxes and bags of recyclables! Then there are two of Hestia and me together in the car while I’m having anxiety. In these, Hestia is a small white and black dog with googley eyes and a smushed nose. I am a woman with long brown/pink hair wearing a turquoise shirt and a turquoise mask with flowers and butterflies on it.

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