Magentastic hair 3

Today I tried to dye my hair purple!

Many years ago when I had short hair, we would regularly bleach my hair and dye it fun colors. Since Brad is now allergic to bleach, I haven’t had colored hair in over a decade.

But I’ve been dying for purple hair, so I decided to try coloring over my current (brown) hair color. (Brad pointed out to me that “dying for purple hair” is very punny, even though I didn’t notice!)

I used a purple dye from Punky Color, and boy was it difficult! It is SO much easier to dye short hair! Long hair is sooooooo messy.

I ended up getting dye all over my face, neck, chest, and even stomach! Luckily some alcohol took care of most of the stains on my body. Not the drinking kind, the rubbing kind!

I had to spend about 30 min scrubbing the sink to get all the purple out!

Then I waited three hours with the dye in my hair to give extra intense color– I put a plastic bag over my hair to prevent leakage, so boy did I look good LOL!

Finally it was time to rinse, and I rinsed forever! It got the tub all purple, though I have mostly gotten all the stains out of the tub with lots of alcohol.

I like my hair, though it didn’t end up being purple but magenta. However, it was so much work and cleaning up that I don’t think I’ll be doing it again with long hair!

Brad took some pictures of my magenta hair, I hope you enjoy them!

I am a white woman with long wavy/curly hair. It is a very dark magenta color. The pictures show my hair with a little more intense of a color than it is in real life. Inside it’s hard to see a lot of color, but you can see more outside in the sun.

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