Horsing around in Publix 6

Today was our biweekly grocery trip. We had a really good trip! Hestia was perfect throughout the entire store. She heeled wonderfully and ignored every single thing on the floor.

We were entering the juice aisle when a man that we passed started barking at Hestia. She just looked at me like she was saying “What is wrong with that man?”. But I noticed that the barking made an employee down the aisle jump. So I made sure to tell her that it was the man barking, not Hestia.

She turned out to be a very nice lady and we stopped and had a little chat. It was really fun, she was very nice. I ended up asking her to get a picture of Hestia and I together. I sanitize my phone after being in the store every time, so I figured it wasn’t too much of a risk.

We spent longer than usual in the store because we had to buy some meat and it took a long time to figure out what to get. There are SO many different cuts of meat, and they’re not at all easy to figure out. I think I got the right stuff for my recipes the coming two weeks (1. cabbage soup with ground turkey—that was easy though all the turkey had rosemary in it—and 2. Mongolian beef). I’m trying to cook more meat, I’m not very comfortable cooking it and we usually just eat crock pot meat meals that Brad’s family makes for us. But I’m trying to be more self sufficient so they don’t have to do so much work for us.

They were out of the frozen Pad Thai Brad wanted that was on sale, and out of Brad’s gluten free waffles that were on sale unfortunately.

When we were done shopping and heading to checkout, I saw a Budweiser display with a horse on it, and we had to get some pictures of it with Hestia!

When we got to checkout, we had a very nice checkout lady. There was a man behind us in line who was admiring Hestia and asking nice respectful questions about her, so that was another good interaction.

It was a good shopping trip overall. I didn’t feel stressed at all during it, and Hestia was so perfect that I was beaming the entire time practically. Pictures below!

Hestia is a small white and black dog with a smushed nose and googley eyes wearing a purple service dog coat. I am a woman with long brown curly hair wearing a pink top, turquoise Japanese Chin leggings, and a pink flamingo mask. In the pictures with the horse, the horse is the front of a plastic horse about 3 feet tall, brown in color, in front of a wall of beer.

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