Swimming through an inaccessible Starbuck’s menu

Today I got back into the swing of things with my Tuesday swimming! It was SO nice to see Doc again, and even though both of us were worn out, we did six laps, half of which were using the freestyle stroke (takes more energy than the breaststroke I usually do). After seeing how out of shape I was in DC getting tired with all the museums and walking, I am going to be pushing myself harder in my exercise.

It was really fun to hang out with Doc after swimming! We went a few places and with Doc there I was able to be just fine, given that I didn’t have Hestia. Doc is a really good friend. Plus I got to hold both of his guinea pigs!

One of the places we visited was Starbucks. I love Starbucks, but it had been a few months since I’d last been there. When we walked in, we noticed they had changed the format of their menu. Instead of listing all the drinks by section, they had big pictures of only a few of their drinks.

My mind raced when I saw the menu. What did I want to get at Starbucks? What did I usually get? I couldn’t think of anything. All I could see was a bunch of sugary drinks. As we got closer to the front of the line, I started to panic. I couldn’t remember what I normally got at Starbucks that doesn’t have sugar in it. My eyes desperately raked the menu for the slightest clue, but none was to be found.

Then it was my turn. I froze. The barista looked at me like I was an idiot. I couldn’t think to say that the person behind me could go ahead. Instead, I just randomly picked one of the things pictured. Hey, at least I remembered to order it decaf!

As we waited for our drinks to be ready, I started noticing what others were getting. That’s when I realized that I like to get tea or a latte! They have plain iced tea, hibiscus iced tea, a matcha latte, hot tea, or a regular latte. But I just couldn’t think of those while I was in line. I kicked myself when my sugar laden drink arrived.

I mean yes it was good, but I am trying not to have sugar, and this was a frappuccino covered in carmel syrup!

I’m thinking of writing to Starbucks about this. This type of super limited menu is not nice to anyone who doesn’t go to Starbucks regularly. It was not kind for my anxiety ridden mind that has trouble ordering and paying for things anyway! Bring back a regular menu! Yes pictures are fun, but we need the words, too!

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