Chinny Chin…at the vet 4

Today we went to our vet, Ebenezer Animal Hospital .  We had to get Ollie’s stitches and staples out.  One of the receptionists saw me holding Hestia while waiting for Ollie to come back out, and exclaimed “CHIN!”.  Turns out she has a 12 year old Chin named Bella, and she had brought her to work today!

So while Ollie was having stitches and staples removed, Hestia and Bella got to commune as Chin do.  Bella is missing an eye, and was going to be put to sleep until her now-owner adopted her!  She has a lot of life left.  She doesn’t look all that old!

Below are pictures, without captions.  All of the pictures include two small black and white dogs with smushed faces, and two women with brown hair holding them.

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