Castle portraits

On Wednesday, Brad and I did another photo shoot! The first backdrop we used was an astrologer’s castle. I wore a galaxy dress, a black shawl, and a purple witch hat. Brad was dressed like a German villager. So I was the astrologer-witch, and he was the townspeople.

We have some shots of me casting spells on him with my wand, and casting spells on Felix, too. I cast a few spells with a purple feather like thing. Then we got out the crystal ball and have some great shots of the crystal ball looking magical, and some pictures of the ball in front of dog heads to make the dog heads upside-down.

The second shoot we did involved a backdrop of Cinderella Castle at Disney World with fireworks going off in the background. I am dressed in my Mirabel dress with matching Mirabel ears (Mirabel is a character from “Encanto”). Brad is wearing a Mickey-themed outfit with red pants, a white shirt, a sequined white blazer, a yellow bowtie, and black ears with a red bow with white polka dots.

Over time we added and subtracted dogs from the pictures as they wanted or didn’t want to be involved. We took lots of smiling pictures, and a few other pictures like where Brad is sleeping and adjusting his bowtie. The last picture shows our setup in our living room.

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