A little appointment for the big snip

Today I took Felix in to the vet to talk about neutering him. I like to wait until my dogs are two years old before fixing them, but Felix is an unusual case. He has an undescended testicle and a hernia.

About once a week, he acts all uncomfortable for several hours. He barks, scoots in circles, and seeks out dark places to hide. I thought it was anal glands, but it’s not. Their best guess was maybe something bothering him with his hernia or testicle.

So after consulting with his breeders, I brought him to the vet this morning. He just turned a year old this month, so I think it’s safe enough to do it now hormone wise.

We left super early in case I had trouble starting the car, but it started right up! Yay! I was very happy that my favorite tech Patty was working the front desk. So we got to chat while I was waiting for Felix’s appointment. Patty will be watching the girls when we go to Disney World this winter. Felix got to meet Patty’s new puppy, who came out to say hello! They would have a super time together!

Patty got a picture of Felix and me, and is going to submit it as a candidate for patient of the day on their Facebook page! Unfortunately I don’t look very good in the picture, but all that matters is Felix, right?

Eventually it was time to go back to the room, and they took Felix for some pre-surgery blood work. They said he was a real champ getting his blood drawn! When he came back to me, he didn’t act nervous or upset at all, which is fantastic!

Then Dr. Marlowe came in and felt around for Felix’s missing testicle and his hernia. She said he’ll end up with three incisions from this surgery—one for each testicle and one for the hernia. Poor guy!

Since the appointment was so short, they charged me a cheaper recheck fee instead of a full appointment fee, and for the bloodwork.

We got his surgery scheduled for late September. I ordered a purple tie-dye recovery suit (a bodysuit that covers all his parts) from Amazon Vine, and Brad says that he can just use Hestia’s pink piggy donut collar instead of getting a more Felix-themed one. He’s probably right, and I don’t think Hestia will mind sharing.

On the way home, we stopped into Publix really really quickly to pick up cabbage (for coleslaw on Labor Day) and salsa for Brad. We were in and out in probably 5 minutes!

Below is the picture Patty snapped of us in the vet waiting room. I’m wearing a pink and green plaid dress, and Felix is a sable and white Japanese Chin wearing a purple plaid harness.

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