Hestia’s got a crick

When it rains it pours! In the past month, the following things have been broken or needed urgent attention: mixer, van muffler, kitchen sink, my computer, and now you can add Hestia to that list!

On Tuesday, a few times Hestia would be lying down and suddenly yelp. We examined her and couldn’t find a source of her pain. On Wednesday, she yelped a few more times, and then at night she was lying on the couch stiffly with her right front paw extended and shaking a bit. She did the same thing last night and her whole shoulder area was totally tense. So this morning, I called my vet who was able to work her in for an appointment today.

I brought Felix with me since the appointment was in the morning and Brad was trying to sleep. I know Alice will let him sleep when I’m gone, but Felix will not.

I LOVE our vet! Everyone there is super nice and caring, they always make sure their patients are as comfortable as possible, and they really really care.

They told me to come at 10, but since it was a work in appointment, I might have to wait for a while. I only waited about 30 minutes, and then Dr. Marlowe came and got me and took me to the back! They usually don’t let clients go in the back with their dogs, so I felt very honored that they trusted me enough to let me go back there.

She examined Hestia and said that she’s actually having pain in her neck, not in her arm. She said the pain is probably radiating down her arm some. She thinks Hestia probably got a crick in her neck, and prescribed some pain meds and an herbal remedy for her to feel better.

If it doesn’t get better in a week, then we need to do X-rays to see if it is arthritis or vertebral disease or something. Depending on what it is, we may be able to do acupuncture to help treat it, or take further steps.

Dr. Marlowe LOVED Hestia’s purple plaid dress-harness, and Felix’s matching purple plaid harness. She also was impressed by the freeze dried goat cheese I was using for treats. She said that when she dies, she wants to come back as one of my dogs. Everyone else in the waiting room also loved Hestia’s outfit, and we got lots of compliments because I was wearing a dress with purple in it, and a purple mask, too. So we all matched and were dressed up looking good.

Now I just hope this is the end to my streak of everything breaking or needing to be fixed!

Below is a picture of Hestia and Felix in the waiting room on a bench.

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