Laughing so much with family

Today I laughed more than I have in a long long while!

Brad and I took all the dogs over to aunt Nancy and cousin Tamara’s house for a game day! We love playing games with them.

First we had chicken tacos for lunch and boy were they tasty! I brought Cara Cara oranges for dessert, which are pink oranges that have more of a berry taste to them. But the only problem was that three of the four oranges were regular oranges! I’ll have to get a refund from Walmart for that bag of oranges.

Today we started out playing Mexican Train Dominoes. It uses dominoes that have up to 12 dots on each side of the piece. Everyone plays their own string of dominoes until they don’t have one to play in that location. Then they have the chance to draw a domino. If that doesn’t match, then you have to put your little train engine on your domino chain and others can play off your dominoes. You want to either be the first to use up your dominoes to win a single round, or win multiple rounds by having a low number of domino dots/points that add up to the lowest score after multiple rounds.

Apparently even though I have never in my life played actual dominoes, I was very good at this game. We played five rounds of it, and I won four of them! It was really fun!

The whole time, the dogs were all very good! Felix wanted to be in my lap, Alice wanted to be in Brad’s lap, and Hestia was sleeping on the floor.

Then we got out the game Uno Dare. This is a regular game of Uno but on all the cards where you’d have someone draw cards (like draw 2 or draw 4) the person has the option to do a dare instead. There are 16 possible dares in three categories, numbered 1–16 and the number is on the draw card. Normally you pick a category of dare and only do the dares from that category for the round. But we played it so you got to pick among the three dares for that number. Some of the physical dares are a little dangerous for uncoordinated bodies!

This game turned out to be hilarious!!!!!!!!!!! I had to talk like a super villain until my next turn. I had to talk like I was underwater until my next turn. I had to do baby talk until my next turn. I had to say only “hippity hop” in response to anything people asked me, and a few more really silly things. Other people also had to do very silly things like walk like they were on a runway, act like a cat, and clap their hands and say “I believe in fairies” every time someone talked to them. Several times in the game I was laughing so hard I was crying!!!! It was wonderful! And even better, I won the second game we played of it!

After all that laughing, we were pretty tired, so we retired to the living room where the dogs got to play on the couch. Alice had fun demon-dogging (being really loud and sounding really scary) while playing. Meanwhile the humans set up visits to Historic Brattonsville and Discovery Place Science and organized another game day!

We had an excellent time and are so lucky to live in a place where we have all of Brad’s super awesome family so close by. We love hanging out with Nancy and Tamara, as well as Brad’s parents and brother. We always leave looking forward to the next time!

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